The First Innovative Development Trend Report of the Comfortable Men's Wear Industry in China was released: HOdo Men's Wear was awarded the

Published in: 2022-08-06

On August 4, on the 22nd HOdo Qixi Festival and the cloud celebration of the 65th anniversary of HOdo, the Clothing New Consumption (comfortable Men's Wear) Research Center was established by China National Fashion Association, China Textile Construction Planning Institute and HOdo Men's Wear, and released the first report on the innovation and development trend of comfortable men's wear industry in China. It is reported that the "Clothing New Consumption (Comfort Men's Wear) Research Center," in the next three years with comfort as the core, will carry out research work for men's wear consumers, promote the innovative practice of men's wear brands in the new comfort track, and promote the upgrading and development of Chinese men's wear categories.


Due to its deep insight, grasp and practice of comfortable men's Wear, HOdo Men's Wear was awarded the title of "Pioneer of Comfortable Men's Wear" by China National Fashion Association. Yiqi Zhou, vice president of the China National Fashion Association, awarded the award to Minjun Dai, executive Vice president of HOdo Group and chairman of HOdo Share, at the event site.



Comfort men's wear industry innovation development trend report reinterprets comfort men's Wear from four aspects: new comfort, new connotation, new norms and new experience. According to the report, as a pioneer of the comfortable track, HOdo has demonstrated better in all four aspects. Enterprises take the lead in understanding the new trend of comfort consumption demand and create the concept of "comfort red bean" and "comfort men's wear." HOdo has developed and launched a zero-sense comfortable shirt, which has been sold well in multiple channels, thanks to its technological capabilities in five dimensions: fabric, pattern, design, process and accessories. According to the report, while developing comfort products, Hongdou has also dabbled in some basic research work on comfortable clothing, selecting indexes from six dimensions and formulating performance standards. In the next step, it will continue to conduct in-depth research and build a comfort clothing standard index system. In addition, HOdo has led one national standard, participated in 6 national standards, and participated in 12 industrial standards. The spirit of active exploration and innovation of HOdo in the textile and garment industry is worthy of affirmation. HOdo has been empowered by consumer mental communication and terminal channel layout. Offline stores have been upgraded and iterated, and multiple online platforms have made efforts to strongly convey "HOdo Men's Wear = comfort," ensuring that the concept of "comfort" can be fully reached. It is reported that under the background of the epidemic and weak consumption, HOdo's high-end transformation work - 0 sense comfortable shirt has been outstanding, and its sales have risen all the way. So far, the sales of this shirt have exceeded 170,000 pieces, and it immediately topped the sales champion of the middle and high-end shirt category on Tmall and JD.com as soon as it was launched on March 17.